Finance It First

You've Picked the Vehicle that You're Going To Purchase, Now Here Comes the Tough Part.....

Whether you have great credit, fair credit or credit issues, it always seems that the hardest part isn't picking out the vehicle. It's getting the Financing in place. Tusket Ford's Finance It First Program takes the pain out of it completely!


Have Financial Institutions Competing For Your Business

Finance it First is set up in much the same way a Mortage Broker is. Before you pick the vehicle you want visit our finance department with your proof of income, pay stubs and T4. If you’ve been working full time for 3 months or more, you’re good; chances are we’ll get you approved. It doesn't matter if you already have pretty good credit or if you have credit issues - our expert staff can get you the best rate possible!

Once you're approved  you know exactly how much money you can get and how much you can afford monthly. Then our knowledgeable sales team will fit you into the perfect vehicle for you, one that will fit your needs and your budget!  It’s that simple.

FREE Credit Review

Do you need a better Credit score? Our experts will review your Credit Situation with you and help you rebuild your Credit!

Your End Result: A Vehicle For You!

When you know exactly how much you can afford, picking a vehicle to fit your needs becomes easy! Our Sales Consultants have access to hundreds of vehicles and we can get you what you're looking for.


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