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It’s beginning to look a lot like…Autumn! Halloween has come and gone, the weather is slowly turning, and as we all know, soon winter will arrive, whether we want it to or not.

Everywhere you look….

…You see Winter Tires!

‘Tis The Season…

Around the dealership here, thoughts have turned to tire season. Look around and you’ll find tire displays in multiple spots. You’ll find ads for tire sales, coupons that will save you money on a 4-wheel Alignment, and even a Toyo Tire contest that could win you some nice looking skis! Why all the fuss? Because you NEED winter tires. I don’t mean you need to buy them; if you already have a set, hey, that’s fine.  What I mean is:



You NEED Winter Tires

Many people will wait until the snow is flying or about to fly before doing their tire changeover. But having Winter Tires is about more than just traction when there’s ice and snow.  At 7 C all-season tires get cold, hard and slippery, which makes having them on your vehicle at lower temperature more dangerous. Winter tires use a different compound that will keep them soft beyond that 7-degree cutoff point. Plus Winter tires will of course have thick tread blocks that will increase your grip in snow and slush.

Enter to win a Ski package from Toyo Tires (no purchase necessary)

Looking for a Good Deal?

Tusket Ford has good deals on RIGHT NOW if you’re in need of Winter Tires for your vehicle. We won’t be undersold, and when you come in you’ll get your price with no surprises – it will include installation, enviro fee and taxes.  If you already have your tires and just need to change them over, we can do that too! But be sure to book your appointment soon, as things are getting busy.

Buying a New Vehicle?           

Great deals are here!

When you purchase a new vehicle at Tusket Ford, no matter what time of year, we recommend that you purchase our Winter Safety Package at the same time. The Package contains Winter Tires, rims and tire Pressure Sensors. Purchasing them when you buy your vehicle means that it is all financed together, which in turn means less strain on your pocketbook when the cold weather hits, as it’s all taken care of.

Until November 30th 2017, when you buy a new Ford Vehicle we will throw in the Winter Safety Package at No-Extra-Cost to you! Depending on what vehicle you’re buying this can add up to a savings of nearly $2800! This offer is good for most new Ford models, but not all, so check with your sales consultant for details.


Alignment Anyone?

Getting your vehicle’s tires properly aligned will save you money — both at the gas pump, and in wear and tear on your tires themselves. Plus a vehicle with properly aligned tires has a much smoother ride, and steers better.

Tusket Ford just recently invested in a brand new, State-of-the-Art Alignment Machine. You can book yourself in for a “Quick Check” if you want to be sure that your tires are aligned properly. It takes just 5 minutes or so, and it’s free. If you need an alignment you can get yours done now at a special price: $43.95 with our coupon, which will save you $10 off of our regular price for a 4-wheel alignment. You can get your coupon by clicking here:

Don’t let the cold weather catch you off guard; get your Winter Tires ready today!

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